Welcome To Alphabet land/AIA


Est & State Licensed since 1994, 7 am – 5:30 pm | 5 days a week

Alphabetland/AIA is An Early Childhood Education Center for Children ages 2 1/2 to 13 years
(Daycare service for children under 2 1/2 years is also available)


Alphabetland/AIA is owned and operated by JMIC Inc, a non profit organization registered with the State of New Jersey in 1988. We, at Alphabetland are dedicated to the safety, comfort, social, emotional, physical and mental development of children enrolled here.

Alphabetland has arranged it’s programs in a manner to maximize the learning experiences of early Childhood education in such a way as to elicit the most positive responses in the children and lead to the development of wholesome, healthy, happy, inquisitive and creative personalities. We provide them with learning experiences in a creative and nurturing environment with God consciousness and a moral compass as a primary focus of educational activities.

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Mission Statement

“To enable each student to acquire the skills necessary to meet the challenges of Elementary Education. To apply problem-solving and decision making techniques to personal, inter-personal and play activities. To maximize emotional and social development. To acquire cognitive skills, reading, writing and drawing abilities. To enable them in self expression in various positive and creative ways”


“Our Vision was to create a model, forward looking, dynamic Early Childhood Education center for children with diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, abilities, talents and needs. And to apply the state of the art technology available in modern times and be responsive to the changing needs of the children and families enrolled at Alphabetland. We strive to educate, prepare and nurture our children for challenges of the new era.”


Sahar Dossal

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